Aug 19, 2019
Jane Loxton
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Jane was born in Hobart, Tasmania and spent her childhood on a mixed farm of mainly apple and pear growing.
She studied Nursing at the Royal Hobart Hospital and the University of Tasmania.

Jane was married for 20 years then Divorced and met her second husband Ian Loxton 6 years later and were together for 10 years before his death due to Pancreatic Cancer in 2011.
Jane set up a PhD research Scholarship in Partnership with Australia Rotary Health in her late husband’s name to find answers about Pancreatic Cancer.
Dannel Yeo completed his research in Melbourne in 2016 and Norbaini Razak commenced her research in 2017 at the Curtin University in Perth.

Jane has given 58 talks on Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, on the East Coast of Australia and now looking at sharing this information while travelling in Western Australia.

Since the death of her husband Jane has traveled and worked as a relief Nurse in many places in Australia.
Jane is currently living in her Motorhome and working part time in Western Australia.

She has had an interest in Rotary since 1979 and became a member in 1992, she is a member of the Rotary E Club of NextGen giving her the flexibility to travel and stay in Rotary.
Jane has volunteered in Nepal,Fiji, The Solomon Islands and India.

She has hosted 11 Rotary Exchange Students and 2 Group Study Exchanges.

She is a Past Present and a Paul Harris Society Member.

She is currently Club Project Director.