We ventured downstairs on Monday night only to discover the TABLES HAD BEEN TURNED well MOVED!!! This threw us into such a spin we forgot to introduce our guest none other than Exchange Student Lisa Marie Austad.
The table change is not a regular thing but was at the request of President Sue so that we could sit in our committee groups.
There were a lot of apologies some sick others away – only 14 at the meeting very quiet.  Greg Eastman was one of them maybe he was having an early celebration for his birthday on 18th August          
Presidents report
The forum on mental health was a very successful event held at the Binnu Hall Thursday evening organised by Community Service Director Michael Powell.
I would like to thank him on behalf of the whole club as it was a sensitive topic handled very well.  A credit to our club thanks to Mick and his willing helpers.
On Sunday Peter Teakle and I attended the Youth protection and Insurance workshop via GoToMeeting.
Club Protection Officer Peter will report on this meeting, so I will just say that the take home message was that we can’t afford not to take this seriously and comply with the RI and legal requirements or we open our club up to huge risk.  Not only financially but from a credibility perspective.
Also if anyone has copies of WWC approvals can they please be given to Peter Teakle.
It would be good to have them all kept together.
Please make the most of the opportunity of sitting with your fellow committee members tonight.  When we complete the meeting, we will be discussing the Yellow Submarine program so your opportunity to discuss committee items will be restricted to the meal time.
Next week's meeting is a Vocational visit a reminder that it is a partner's event and it would be really nice to see your partners if they can make it.
During our meal we discussed amongst our portfolios in committees
As well as the usual fellowship.  
Mark Worthington donated $200 that was paid for an old staircase taken down by him and his Rotary mates this is to go towards yellow submarine
Lisa spoke and presented us with a banner from Verdal Rotary Klubb she also told us about her week she went for a swim on the weekend her first here in Geraldton!  And played water polo.
Peter Rock did Fines & Susan won the wine but didn’t get it so keep it on ice for until she is back 😊
Membership dues went out about 4 weeks ago if you haven’t seen them please get in touch with Mike Purslow as they are due to be paid.
Please have you raffle tickets back to Tom T they can be dropped at his office.                                         
Meeting closed and we handed over to Mark Worthington to guide us through discussions on the Yellow Submarine project.  
Mark has done a tremendous job and organised some committees for us all to be in there was much enthusiasm and many good ideas. The yellow submarine is off to the Chapman Valley Show, the Northampton Show then grand finale (so far anyway) the Sunshine Festival. Please follow this up get involved in a committee for this great club project. 
Monday 20th Aug 6 for 6.30  Partners night
Duties are
Welcoming Officer             Mick Powell            
Invocation and toast         Peter Rock                           
Raffle and Thumbnail        Greg Sivwright                   
Speaker Host                       Mike Purslow         
Speaker is Julie Campbell – “The rebirth of John Willcock College”        
Fines                                      Andrew Short