Sep 17, 2018 6:30 PM
John Christensen
Hats off to our federal Constitution!

Mr John Christensen is a retired lawyer with 40 years experience as a legislative drafter and lecturer in Australia and overseas.

The purpose of the talk is to give people across the country the opportunity to learn more about their federal Constitution. While the presentation has a serious purpose, it is delivered in a fun way including the use of a number of hats as props and includes one or two songs.  The subject is usually regarded as ‘dry’, but you will see from reviews on the Facebook page 'An Australian Constitution' (access via his website, that the talks are far from ‘dry’ and have been well received in schools, libraries and community groups.

The 20 minute talk puts our Constitution in its historical context, including stories about the people who were involved in creating it - stories that deserve to be told.  An opportunity is provided for a Q&A session at the end. Those attending leave with informative handouts as a resource.

This is a self-funded project with no political affiliation and no speakers fee is sought.